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How do we know who this unit belongs to?

Please log in to BIC’s (Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal) BoxTech website ( to check.

How do we check unit specifications for a Seaco unit?

Please check via the ‘Unit Enquiry link’ which you will find in the ‘Self-Service Tools’ section on the top navigation bar.

What is a CSC?

CSC stands for Convention for Safe Containers.

The 1972 Convention for Safe Containers (CSC 1972) provides uniform international safety regulations, and inspection & maintenance guidelines to ensure of a high standard of safety towards human life in the process of container shipping and transport.

Please refer to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) website for details.

Where can I find the CSC approval number?

The CSC approval number can be found on the CSC combined data plate which is typically riveted to the outside of the container door.

For further details, please refer to

What is ACEP?

ACEP stands for Approved Continuous Examination Program. It is a scheme that requires a container to be examined in according to CSC requirements before its 5th year anniversary after manufacturing, and thereafter at intervals not to exceed 30 months.  Containers operated under an ACEP scheme must display the scheme number on the CSC plate; this is often in the form of a decal.

For further information, please refer to



Is this reefer container ATO approved?

Seaco’s refrigerated units are designed and built to meet ATO requirements.

To verify the ATO certification, please check on

Where can I get a flower bulb certificate for a Reefer container?

The certificates can be found and downloaded from


Where can I find initial tank certificate/last test certificate/on hire report for a tank unit?

Please refer to in order to access initial tank certificate, last test certificate, and on-hire report.

Please contact your regional Seaco leasing representative if the report is not available.

How can I register my tank test depot for Seaco’s automated Tank Test Approval System (TTAS)?

Registration of tank test depot is via Seaco’s Regional Offices.

Please click here to contact your regional Seaco representative.

I have some tanks on lease from Seaco and was reminded that they need periodic test. Is there a list which shows me cooperation tank test depots? For a certain area or globally?

To access the list of approved tank test depots please refer to:


How do I make a payment to Seaco?

For Leasing or Container Sales, you can find Seaco’s bank account details can be found on the bottom portion of the Seaco invoice.

Why have I not received a sales release notification, when I have made a payment?

This occurs when the remittance made has not arrived in Seaco’s bank account or is without indication of the Sales Order under remittance information. As a result, further research and verification are required prior to issuance of Sales Release. Always quote the Sales Order(s) on your remittance.